Daniel Dove and Ann McCutchan

Daniel Dove, “Odeon”


Daniel Dove Artist Statement

My paintings depict structures such as playscapes, reconstructed plane fuselages, and junk sculptures: all conglomerations of distinct parts.  My process is similarly amalgamated, using photography, virtual 3D computer models, and physical dioramas as source material.  I employ many methods of paint application, bringing my work closer to multi-styled collage, while other aspects (light and spatial illusion) pull toward a more traditional unity.  By combining observational fidelity with obvious facture, I utilize painting’s unique capacity for self-reflection while depicting places and objects that embody our failed dreams of endless pleasure and security.  


Response by Ann McCutchan

Daniel Dove is represented by Cherry and Martin GalleryAnn McCutchan‘s most recent book is Circular Breathing: Meditations from a Musical Life.

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