Gerry Trilling and Nin Andrews

Gerry Trilling, “Hidden Minority”

Gerry Trilling Artist Statement

My work is concerned with the relationship of perception to organized systems of information.

A summer spent in New York City engendered a profound awareness of infrastructure potential—both fragmentation and integration—which had a powerful impact on my work and led me to investigate the idiosyncrasies of patterned compositional structures within the visual field.


In 2010 I began using a patterned overlay to metaphorically illustrate how information can be filtered. Used in that way, patterning encourages a false sense of order even as it disrupts experiential perception.  I want the viewer to be aware of both the construct and what is hidden from view, though I believe people will always try to integrate both experiences into one reality.

Response by Nin Andrews

Gerry Trilling lives and makes art in Kansas City.  Nin Andrews is the author of Southern Comfort.

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