Leah Hardy and Christine Gelineau

Leah Hardy, “Listen”


Leah Hardy Artist Statement

Childhood labors of love included making shoebox dioramas, assembling insect collections and creating secret spaces; these innate endeavors have greatly inspired my artwork as an adult.  My sculpture is a visual diary for commentary on daily occurrences, dreams, travels and human interaction—where I try to make sense of the world and its mysterious events in a poetic, distilled narrative manner.  Fragments of the human body, flora/fauna and everyday objects are integrated into surreal shrine like settings to memorialize strange—and wonderful—life experiences.


Response by Christine Gelineau


Grown in Oz amongst cornstalks and cows, Leah Hardy is an artist who makes her home in the West but enjoys traveling to the East to be amongst sacred cows.  Christine Gelineau is the author of Appetite for the Divine (2010) and Remorseless Loyalty (2006), both from Ashland Poetry Press.


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