Duane L. Herrmann

This magical spot is part of the farm I grew up on in eastern Kansas.  Going there I am renewed and encouraged because of the message it sends through the seasons.  The creek is not spring fed, and only has water when we have abundant rain, this is spring and late fall into winter.  The flowing water, with its music over the rocks, completes the magic.  This non-permanence of the water is a lesson.  Life flows.  Sometimes it flows with enchantment, sometimes it flows without, but be patient: the enchantment will return.



Duane L. Herrmann is a father and grandfather.  He has been a teacher of all ages from Headstart through college.  He has worked for the state and federal governments, built the house around his family, is now a writer and started farming at age 13.  His work has been published in a dozen countries in four languages and is increasingly cited or quoted.  He finds inspiration in the scriptures of the Bahai Faith.  (Photo by Trosten Herrmann.)




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