Tendai Mwanaka

The sun usually rises near the buffalo hump, on Mozi Mountain on the Nyanga range of mountains, Nyanga, Zimbabwe. We called that KwaMozi, growing up in this area, such that it is the most important and well known part of this mountain, to our side of the mountain. The fascination with this mountain is deeply ingrained in me, it’s something I grew up seeing every day, and it imposes its myth, feelings and atmosphere in and around the area. A lot of rain, it was believed, came from this mountain, even traditional rainmaking ceremonies were done on Mozi Mountain. It is sacred. There are a lot of stories, of people disappearing or getting lost in this mountain, some have never been found again by their relatives. There are people who died on top of it whilst crossing at night. It is very cold on top, and in winter months, it freezes. It is a living beast; there are people who actually live on top of it. In Volcanic explosions, the sun bursting from Nyanga Mountain, it would seem to be coming from it, when you look at the sun from the west of the mountain. It is like the eruption of volcanic lava from the earth, sprouting embers around. It creates beautiful golden ripples of rays, and haloes. I had to edit the image in Picasso to create those yellowish golden colourful effects.


Tendai Mwanaka’s work has appeared in over 300 magazines in over 27 counties, making him the most published Zimbabwean poet of his generation. Tendai’s collection of poetry titled Voices from Exile was published by Lapwing Publications, Northern Ireland in 2010. His novel Keys in the River: Notes from a Modern Chimurenga is a series of interlinked stories that deals with life in modern day Zimbabwe, published by Savant, USA 2012, Zimbabwe: The Blame Game, a collection of non-fiction pieces was published by Langaa RPCIIG, Cameroon.




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