Gail Denham

The last two years, our vacation times have been spent searching and photographing old mining/ghost towns. A place we really enjoyed was Berlin, Nevada. This is now a State Park. The Park system has done a splendid job of preserving the past as intact as possible, labeling houses that still stand, placing placques at the site of where a home stood, and keeping the gold mine workings and buildings as they were decades ago.


One thing I love is to stop at a home site, a grave, a delapitated house and imagine who might have lived there — how did they manage without water or electricity — what were their entertainments — where did they buy supplies? So many questions. This gate that stands in a family’s back yard must have squeaked open many times as the family visited neighbors, went to a country store down the road; or to allow the family to carry the coffin of their small child to its resting place down the hill.


Berlin captures my imagination. It allows my mind to wander through “what ifs” and stories, many of which will never be fully known. It’s a site worth visiting. Plan to spend several hours. Up the hill from here is an RV park, but somehow the state has managed to keep this “ghost town” in a state of perpetual historical perspective, allowing the visitors to flesh out stories for themselves, and wonder…?



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