Brian Dupont and Rita Wong

Brian Dupont, “Catastrophe”


Brian Dupont Artist Statement

My practice is a study of how the visual aspects of information can be conveyed — or distorted — within the framework of abstract painting. I focus on the visual possibilities inherent in language; I take the written (or printed) word as source material, stressing and distorting the text through a process of painting, erasure, and repainting with shifts in kerning and scale. In my recent work I have begun to experiment with painting as a three dimensional object. Working in oil on aluminum I engage with the techniques of high art and common signage so that the painted surface and language will be placed on equal footing. By projecting the painting into the space of the viewer it cannot be viewed completely at a given time, forcing the viewer to confront the mechanics of how they read along with the content (both actual and intimated) of what they read.


Catastrophe takes its structure from the 18” tall black box of Beckett’s play Krapp’s Last Tape; the list  of on stage characters make up the exterior text, while the off stage “Technician” is painted on the support’s interior.

Response by Rita Wong

Brian Dupont is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  Rita Wong investigates the relationships between contemporary poetics, social justice, ecology, and decolonization by researching the poetics of water.

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