Jeffrey Pethybridge

One does not recover, or recover from, loss.


What then?  In Striven, the Bright Treatise, Jeffrey Pethybridge’s elegy for his brother Tad, the response is obsessive reconstitution: of the setting of his brother’s suicide, of the conditions (profound depression) that led to it, and so on.


Pethybridge performs the reconstitution, though, in full awareness that what gets reconstituted by it is not what was lost — his brother — but a “we” who were, or who are now, gathered around him.  As Pethybridge puts it in the eulogy for his brother, reproduced as the book’s appendix: “We are speaking and praying today less in order to say something, than to assure ourselves with the human voice that we are together in the same thought and feeling.”


Pethybridge, Jeffrey.  Striven, the Bright Treatise.  NoemiPress, 2013.


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