“It matters with which ways of living and dying we cast our lot rather than others.”


Donna Haraway, from Staying with the Trouble



Attention to the Old

It matters that we pay attention not only to the surface/new but to the structural/old.


Contributed by Eliot Schrefer


It matters when we smile at strangers.


Contributed by Kathryn Douglas

Legal and Just

It matters that what is legal and what is just are not the same.


Contributed by Jeffrey Lockwood


It matters, the accumulated effects of collective blindness.


Contributed by H. L. Hix


It matters that we listen–to others, including the other-than-human world, and to ourselves.


Contributed by Ann Fisher-Wirth


It matters that we recognize the forces that led to past atrocities, and those forces’ similarity to those at work today.


Contributed by Hayden Bergman

Inner Capacity

It matters that we know we can act and speak out of wisdom, and that we have the inner capacity to discover that wisdom.


Contributed by Ann Fisher-Wirth


It matters that so many people are so afraid of so many things.


Contributed by Jeffrey Lockwood


It matters whether one adds messages of hate or subtracts them.


Contributed by H. L. Hix